Sunday, October 6, 2013


I really didn't have the energy to make much of a picture-taking effort today, so here's a view right from my deck. (Some of you saw a similar photo in Instagram.) There's a tree that is coloring in this cute/funny way where it has bright red on top and then the yellow and yellow-green leaves more toward the bottom.

Okay that's three three photos in a row. Tomorrow I'll have to try for something different. :)


  1. I don't get tired of beautiful trees. If you've seen one tree, you haven't seen them all! It looks like autumn is in full swing where you live!

  2. I agree with Mom! We never tire of nature photos : )

  3. I like the colors of this picture. You know I love autumn, though, so I'm easy to please with some colored leaves.

  4. Thanks, all! R - I knew you liked fall. Autumn? What's that poemy word?



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