Tuesday, October 1, 2013

October dailies 10-1

Happy October to one and all! You know I like this month, and I'm very much hoping for another great one this year. For fun, I'm going to do a photo-of-the-day project for the month of October, and I'll try to post them here each day. No guarantees, though.

The rules for this project are: no rules. The photo doesn't have to represent the day or be my best or anything like that. It just has to be taken on the day. Okay, so one rule.

With all the rain we've been having, the mushrooms are springing up left and right, so I went out taking some pictures today.



  1. That mushroom is so shiny it reminds me of those ceramic mushrooms/toadstools that can be purchased. Cool! It must be from the rain.

  2. Hi, Mom! Thanks for the comment. :) Yes, it has been raining hard off and on today. I caught that between storms.

  3. Yay for picture of the day posts! I look forward to the notifications in my email : )

  4. Shellac that mushie for posterity! It's cute when it's shiny.



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