Friday, November 15, 2013

Portraits from my CA trip (Part 2)

Continuing on from my first post, here are the rest of my favorite portraits from my recent trip to see family.

K is almost 13, and is always a patient and natural model for me. I barely have to instruct her, she just changes her pose naturally and holds for a photo.


Just a snapshot of her using her phone, but I thought it turned out prettily.

Next is L, age 14 and looking suddenly so grown up. Don't you love her glasses?

I wanted to take some with L and K together because I have so many of the two of them when they were young. I wanted comparison shots. Look at those girls--they're almost the same height, both over 5'7!! In our family, that's very tall.

For a little comparison, here they are in 2006.

Then I wanted photos of K with N, because they had matchy-match dresses on (actually, all three of the older girls had very similar dresses). This was one of those situations where K was kind of annoyed at the matching dresses, but little N was proud to be matching her big sister. I love how N's like a mini-K in these.

K made sure to point out that her dress had a striped pattern underneath and N's doesn't. So they're not quite identical.

Another family picture of my sister and her girls. E had just woken up and was not super thrilled about picture time, so I didn't push to get a perfect smiling photo. We just let her have her lollipop.

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Portraits from my CA trip (Part 1)

Last weekend I got back from a quick trip down to northern California where my sister and her daughters were visiting my parents. It was convenient and cheaper for me to get in some visiting time while they were (relatively) close by, and I'm sooooo so glad I did it. The weather was awesome (70s, sunny), I got some quality time with everyone, and it wasn't as overwhelming as when I'm around all of my nephieces at once (not that I don't like seeing all of them!). When it was time to go back to dreary Oregon, I really didn't want to go.

(How good looking are my parents?! I love this picture!)

My favorite day was Friday. My parents had planned a gathering for some friends and relatives to come visit, and so the girls all dressed up and I took lots of pictures. It was really fun and I hope they had a good time, too. Here are a bunch of my favorites. I'm going to divide these into two posts.

This is 6-year-old N.

She loves posing and is very good at it.

She wanted to make sure I got a photo of the back of her dress.

Her poses are adorable, but I like the in-between moments when she's just being herself, a beautiful little girl.

There she is with my mom's dog Sheridan.

Then it was E's turn. She's 2, so it's trickier to get decent photos, but she did very well. I never use this word, but she looks so precious in that left photo. Her innocent little face. I love her!

I cheated a little--some of these photos were not totally in focus, but hopefully at this smaller size they aren't too bad.

This spot in my parents' back yard was ideal for pictures. The light was so nice.

The girls love that big fish. They like to sit on it.

Goodness, it's hard to look at these because I miss them so much!

Coming next: some of the older two girls!


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