Wednesday, January 15, 2014

San Francisco (Part 2)

I feel weird calling this post "San Francisco" when these are Muir Woods pictures, but I wanted to keep with the series name. :) This was still the San Francisco trip, after all, even if it's a few miles north. Someday, I'll thank myself for being consistent.

Speaking of, you can view my first set of photos in this post.

We woke up Friday morning ready for another day of tourism. After packing up and having hotel breakfast (that was only so-so, but at least it was free), we headed south. We got to Muir Woods at a good time when there was still parking available and it wasn't too crowded. It was another beautiful day of sunshine and 60s, though in the woods it was shady and cooler. Still, by the end of our hike I had taken my light jacket off.

Part of the reason we wanted to see Muir Woods was because it was featured in the movie Vertigo. :D But also, it has some nice trees, and we were in the area.

I haven't seen Vertigo in forever, but Dania says this particular exhibit is shown in the movie. We're famous!!

Here's a closer look. As you probably guessed, it's showing the age of the tree based on the rings. In the center it shows that it was "born" in 909 A.D., and then it shows the rings/size at various points in history. It fell in 1930.

There are a few different paths in the park, and Dania and I went around a big loop. I appreciated the other people on the path to give some perspective to my photos.

Dania by a tree that everyone was getting pictures in front of, and then a creek that was pretty dry. I don't know what it normally looks like, but I know they've not had very much rain this year and I imagine it's very low compared to normal.

A cliché photo.

Part of our hike was on the side of a cliff, and it made me a bit nervous to watch other people walk close to the edge. I thought it was ironic that there were no railings on these paths, yet they had them on the ground paths (to keep people out of the forest, I suppose).

Have you been to Muir Woods? Have you seen Vertigo? Have you seen Vertigo while in Muir Woods?

Thanks for looking! More to come.

Next post: San Francisco (Part 3)


  1. These are beautiful! I have neither been to Muir Woods, nor seen Vertigo anywhere including in Muir Woods.

    1. Thanks! Haha.. thanks for answering the questions. :D

  2. I saw Vertigo in Muir Woods. The acoustics were very good.

    Trees are pretty crazy when you think about it. They start out as a tiny acorn (cone, seed, whatever) and they just grow and grow and grow, sometimes for hundreds of feet and a 1000 freaking years! We just think "meh, trees" but that's pretty nutso!

    1. Oh yes, I remember you telling me about the Muir Woods showing of the movie. :P They projected it onto a tree?

      I know, it's weird thinking that plants have "seen" all sorts of time periods. You could put something in one as a time capsule for centuries from now!

  3. Didn't watch Vertigo, but Renee and I loved walking through these woods...

  4. No, we didn't watch Vertigo, but Renee and I loved walking through these woods. Beautiful pictures. My favorite? Your shot looking up at several trees reaching for the sky...

  5. I like the sign that says: "Enter quietly". I remember as a kid my dad telling us to be quiet in the redwood forests. I always wondered why? We did remain quiet, though, and that is something that stood out in my memory was the silence among all those huge, towering trees.

    Again awesome!

    1. Yeah, I didn't notice anyone being any quieter than the other parts, but it was cute.



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