Saturday, January 25, 2014

San Francisco (Part 3)

After Muir Woods, Dania and I headed south across the Golden Gate and to the Palace of Fine Arts. We were both looking forward to this, as we had seen pictures and passed it the night before (but missed the turn).

It did not disappoint. This was probably my favorite stop of the whole trip. Not only because it was so beautiful (and so was the weather) and it was still early enough that we had energy...

...but also because of our awesome parking spot! That blue car is Dania's. Considering my low expectations for all parking on the trip, this was like an awesome gift. Close, free parking.

The park is lovely and so is the neighborhood around it. I decided that if I had to move to San Francisco, I'd just buy one or two of these houses.

One of my favs. And yes, I did Zillow some of these to check the price. I was actually surprised at some of the prices at prime spots in SF--I expected them to be higher.

Dania and I walked around for awhile and I don't know about her, but I took a ton of photos. And yet I was still wishing I had taken more, because afterwards I realized some angles I had missed.

In case it's not obvious, this is looking up at one of the archways.

I love all the stuff going on in this shot. Oh and someone left their child. ;)

My future neighborhood.

Interestingly, all the lady sculptures are facing inward and have their hands at the sides of their face, so you can't see them.

I guess I can understand why they're sad.

Have a great rest of your weekend! More SF photos coming soon eventually.

See next post: San Francisco (Part 4)


  1. So many good photos! Yes, this was one of my favorite places on our trip. I was just so amazed by how huge the place was. I felt like I could have probably spent hours just walking around looking at the place. I really like that you got the swan in that first photo. I saw them wandering but I don't think I got any with them in the water. The one looking up at the archways is probably my favorite. I kept trying to get good shots of the tiles on the inside dome, but I don't think I was very successful at it. Poor ladies with bird poop on their heads.

    I was doing some further reading about them, and the weeping women are supposed to be in contemplation, wonderment and meditation...and apparently the original plan was to put vine-like plants in those columns that would be supposedly watered by the tears of the women, but they ran out of funds. Oh, and other random fun fact while I was researching the sculptor of the ladies (Ulric Ellerhusen) he also sculpted the bronze seal on your Oregon State Capitol, and he sculpted the gold pioneer man on the top of your capitol too!

    1. Thank you! Yes, we could've just hung out there the rest of the day. :D I wouldn't mind going back for a long picnic!

      Thanks for researching, because I realized I don't know much at all about this place. I think you told me some of it while we were there but then I forgot except about the year.. wasn't it like the early 1900s when it was built? I just haven't researched it! That's interesting about the ladies and also the Oregon thing!

  2. 1915 for the Pan Pacific International exhibition, and then it was completely restored in the 60's. I want to see the inside of the place sometime!

    I was just looking at wedding photos that people have had taken there, so very cool.

  3. Gorgeous pics! I watched you edit some of them : )

  4. Beautiful. I remember visiting there on an overnight field trip with Mrs. Staples in fifth grade. My photos (from my 110 camera) were nothing like this. Haha. Do kids even do overnight field trips with public schools any more? I feel like I had multiple ones ... but you just don't hear about that these days.

    1. Really? I went on the same overnight SF trip with Mrs. Staples and don't remember this. But maybe I am just forgetting.

      Anyway.. how many did you go on? Besides Woodleaf and this trip?

    2. Slumber party at my first grade teacher's house with all the girls (the boys got to go camping), SF 5th grade, Woodleaf 6th grade, Ashland's Shakespearian festival in both 9th and 10th grades, Woodleaf again 11th grade (as a counselor) and a FLAC trip my senior year.

  5. I had seen some of these photos while you were choosing which ones to use for your blog, etc. These turned out beautiful!!! I knew the weather was nice, but it looks perfect. It's been more years than you know about since I've been to the Palace of Fine Arts. Thank you for the virtual trip.

    Love, Mom

    P.S. Thank danialand for her research. I did not know those facts about PoFA.



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