Monday, February 17, 2014


Pretty soon I'll be out taking spring pictures, so I figure I should get these snow-related pictures posted before everyone is not in the mood to look at winter weather. :) I have categorized my photos into three groups: snow landscapes, ice, and snowflakes. I decided to start with ice just because I like these the most and needed a little motivation to get a post up. As much as I'm fine with no more snow/ice this winter, I couldn't help but feel wistful looking at these, because I really enjoyed taking them. I want another opportunity someday!

I first took some ice photos the evening we started getting freezing rain.

It was getting dark, so the lighting in some of these is artificial. Obviously.

As some friends already noted, these look like little ice blossoms.

It's so pretty how the trees shine with their little ice blankets.

So I took a lot of pictures of them.

And I didn't narrow these down very much.

After dark.

In the morning I woke up early enough to catch more ice photos before it melted. I re-took several scenes in the different light, so there is a bit of repetition here. I couldn't choose (or maybe I just didn't want to).

I don't have a lot of captions for these. I'm not sure what to say except YAY ICE!

Does this make you want to crush it? I may have done that on a couple of things, without ruining it for others.

I'm not sure how thick the ice got. They had predicted up to half an inch, but many of these look more like a quarter of an inch. I think this would've been near the peak since the freezing rain was over by this point, but it was just about 30 degrees out.

More ice blossoms.

Does anyone else feel like I've posted this same picture a hundred times? But all the ice!

The end!


  1. I'm having a hard time deciding my favorite photos. Ok, from top to bottom, not necessarily in "like" order:
    Ice berries
    Photo 7
    Photo 8
    Ice blossoms
    Tree with light behind it
    Grassy stalk (wheat?)
    Both photos of icy pine needles
    More ice blossoms
    Tree on right side of photo
    Leaves between deck posts

    Well, I narrowed them down to eleven, but I like them all :)

    Thank you, love, Mom

    1. Haha...thanks for narrowing it to your favorite 11. :D I'm glad you liked them.

  2. "Between the deck posts." - Ha, nice! My favorites were the ones with the yard lights in them, it just made for a really cool effect. Nice pics all around!



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