Thursday, February 6, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Quick interruption to the SF photos to mention some of the fun parts of my week! Sorry to those of you who have seen these elsewhere. I used to try not to repeat myself on various sites, but now I'm falling into that habit!

The other day I had this fun surprise in my mail! My aunt saw how much I liked the ones she got my parents, and she picked these out for me. I love them!!

Tuesday was a good day. It started snowing (though not sticking), and on my way to work I saw this coyote!

I managed to pull over and catch a few photos before he ran off. I couldn't get very close, but for not being ultra prepared, I'm happy I got anything at all!

Even though it was too warm for the snowflakes to stick, I managed to catch a few photos as they melted away. Not many turned out, but here's one of them.

Then today I woke up to light but steady snow falling again! It was in the forecast, but since when can I trust that? I was very excited to try more snowflake photos. I ended up not going into work at all, though it didn't officially close until noon. I decided that it was worth it to take half a day so I could take advantage of the photo ops.

Like this one! Unfortunately, a lot of the "flakes" are not pretty and just look like shavings of white fuzz or something, so I haven't gotten as many shots as I had hoped. But still, I'm glad I got some (I'll share more later). VERY glad! It's been a fun day. :)

And what's one of the best things to do on a snow day? Bake cookies! I shouldn't have, but I so did. I hadn't made these in a couple of years and they are pretty simple and use basic ingredients. Click here for the recipe. Try them!

I'm excited for even more snow today and maybe some more decent-looking flakes to photograph, if my toes can stand the cold. How has your week been?


  1. Of course I saw the spoons on my phone. They are so cute! The photo of the coyote is great. It's so exciting to get pictures of wild animals. Not only do yours look great, but it's nice to have proof that you did see the coyote in the "wild". Love all the snow pictures, (that includes the flakes) but my favorite is the cookies!!! I printed out the recipe. They look sooo good, Maybe I'll surprise your dad and me soon.

    Thanks! Love, Mom

  2. Hi Mom! Thanks for the comment. :D Yes, it is nice to have proof of what I saw. It's hard to appreciate different experiences if I don't get pictures (which is a little sad, but that's how it is for me lately!).

    Definitely try the cookies. I find they are best once cooled completely (just fyi). :D

  3. How are you getting those snowflake shots? I thought you were shooting plastic décor... do you have a microscopic camera? Incredible!!

    And I'm happy you got your own beautiful teaspoons. :) Whenever I see kitchenware that is pretty or has nature involved, I think of you and want to get it for you. :)

    1. I have a macro lens that magnifies things a bit. :) And I get in really close and then crop down the image some, too. But you can see snowflakes with the naked eye, as well. Thanks!

      Oh that's sweet, thanks. :D

  4. Great pics! Those snowflake pics are just amazing. And I agree, good job getting pics of the coyote.

    Your cookies look better than the ones in the recipe pick!



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