Monday, March 24, 2014

Oil and water (part 2)

I hadn't intended on making a second post about this, and especially not so soon, but I have more pictures to show you! Later that afternoon I got inspired to try it again and I was pleased with the results. This might be a little addictive!

[If you didn't see my first post about this, you may want to check it out for more info on the process.]

I began with photographing the oil much the same way as before, although I was indoors this time. I also had everything set up a bit more closely together--the colored item was just a couple of inches from the bottom of the glass dish and I was able to bring the camera in closer.

I decided maybe it wasn't quite bright enough and I was going to use my macro ring flash. I'm so glad I did, because the results were awesome.

At first the change was subtle, as I probably didn't have the settings just right. You can see I used flash here by the little ring (two semi-circles) reflection. Mostly I'm posting this for the nice colors.

Then the photos started turning out like this. The oil circles started looking 3D.

And then like pearl balloons!

How cool is this?

Here's without flash.

And with. That purple dot is like a grape.

I also changed the angle to capture the surface a little better.

An ad for Pyrex.

I can't stop looking at these. Like a friend said, they don't even look like photos. It's just really fascinating the different effects you can get from oil, water and light. Try it sometime!


  1. It's crazy that you can make spectacular photos like that from just oil and water! Very cool. I think the changes worked really well and made this set even cooler!

  2. Wow! These look so three dimensional! You could open a whole studio with just "oil photos".



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