Wednesday, March 19, 2014

San Francisco (Part 4)

Okay, I'm back to continue posting my SF photos! Remember how I took a trip there a million years ago and then took months to show you pictures? If you missed it or would like a recap, here are the earlier picture posts:

San Francisco (Part 1)

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I was realizing that one of the reasons I've taken forever to finish up these pictures is that I'm just not very excited about them. Even though I enjoyed my time at these final stops, I didn't get the best photos. I blame many things. But I edited them as best as I could and narrowed them down for you. Here goes:

After our time at the Palace of Fine Arts, we headed across the street to the Presidio.

If I remember correctly, this is an old base that now contains normal housing as well as some touristy spots like museums and learning centers (I think). It's kind of cute when you drive around. I didn't really know what was there or what we'd see, so mostly we just stopped at a few points and took a few pictures.

One neighborhood is full of cute little houses like this. It was very quiet there (it was Friday, so people were probably at work).

This walking path was in the neighborhood.

It was interesting to be more aware of the different types of trees and plants in SF compared to Oregon or even where I grew up in the north valley of CA. There's familiarity since my relatives live in the Bay Area and we went there quite a bit, but also some novelty since I pay more attention to nature as an adult than I did as a kid.

Then we headed over to the Sutro Baths, which is by Ocean Beach (shown here). Dania had come across it in her trip research and wanted to check it out.

These windmills have some significance that I don't remember. We drove up to one later, but I didn't get a picture.

This giant camera looked kind of creepy (or maybe it was just the employee?), so we just took pictures of it and didn't go in.

This is a view from the Cliff House, a restaurant we didn't eat at.

Okay, here we are at the baths. Basically these are the ruins from what used to be a bath house/bunch of swimming pools that some rich guy built.

Here's a drawing of what it looked like before it was destroyed (now I'm forgetting how). You can go read up on it if you want. :)

There's a trail and you can walk down to the ruins and up around it. We didn't, though.

More interesting trees with some people for scale.

We did watch the ocean, though.

I'm going to stop here and post the final set of photos later. Hopefully this week! Thanks for hanging in there while I snail my way through these.


  1. Yay!! More SF photos!!

    I only got one photo of the windmill up close. I was just reading online to remind myself what these are about. I guess they were originally built in the early 1900's to pump water into Golden Gate Park, but now they are just restored landmarks. The other one(the one that we didn't go to apparently has a tulip garden next to it. That would have been cool to see, but we weren't there at the right time of year for tulips, so it would have been less exciting in December. Someday I'll have to remind myself to go during the Spring.

    I'm still really liking the bark on those trees (I think they are Eucalyptus). Seeing the ocean makes me crave being on the beach.

    1. Oh thanks for looking it up! Yeah, you should come here in tulip season and I'll take you to the tulip farm! :D It's coming up like...soon. Get your ticket!

      Yes, I believe they are Eucalyptus. And I agree that I feel like going to the coast after seeing these pictures.

    2. April! :) Very soon. You can see the field report here:

  2. I like these pics! Especially the ocean shots, you can never go wrong with a nice pic of the ocean and the beach : )

  3. I remember Ocean Beach and that row of homes! :)

    1. Oh really? I didn't think we went there. Unless you've been there another time.

    2. We did go there when Brenda was visiting. I was just looking at the photos over the weekend. :)

    3. Goodness, I didn't even remember that's where we were! Were we by the Sutro Baths or elsewhere? I remember that field and seeing a snake and stuff. I'm looking at my pictures now.

    4. OMG we were!! Did I know this and forget already? Did we talk about this?

  4. Well, I'm finally going to check our your (and mamaflock's) blogs. I think the photos are great! I would love to be smart and give you more info about the area, since I went to San Francisco many times as a child, but I don't remember a lot of detail. Here's an old film dated 1955 that Bill sent me awhile back. Maybe you will like it.
    Love, Mom



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