Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter weekend sample

Blog, I have lots of pictures to post on you. I am now back from California and enjoying the gray rain in Salem. :| I had a great trip, though! I was bummed to end it. It was low-key and relaxing, and I got to take hundreds of pictures and be outside a lot. Here are a few of the pictures, and I'll try to catch up with more in the coming weeks. I still have photos all the way back to winter that I have been meaning to post here! I may just give up on some.

On Saturday evening, my friend Dania, my mom and I took a drive over to Bear Valley near Colusa. I had read about some wildflowers there. The wildflower display wasn't quite as I imagined, but it was a pretty drive and fun time. California is green like this for such a brief time that I was very glad I didn't miss it.

We decided this was a good place to turn around and head home. :)

Per my request, Easter dinner included fresh artichokes and tri-tip (I like it well-done). Two things I rarely have anymore. So good!

One of my favorites of the flower-droplet photos.

Close up. I've been polling people to determine which of these two pictures they prefer. I welcome your input!

Finally, some cute vases my aunt gave my mom.

I got several bug photos on this visit, too, and I'll probably put those in their own post so that you can skip it if it gives you the creeps. How was your Easter weather?


  1. So weird to see the green version of northern California!

    Man, that tri-tip looked really good. I never got into it, it was all the rage there for a while, but I'm sure it's delicious.

    Our Easter weather was actually OK. Some rain, but it was nice enough to take a walk after dinner.

    1. Oh yeah, you'd like the tri-tip we had!

  2. Hmmm, I love both of those water droplet photos reflecting the daisy-like flower. It would probably depend on the size of room in which it was hanging. The picture of the cows still cracks me up! I hope my sister got to see the vases photo. It looks very happy!

    Thanks for sharing, Love, Mom



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