Saturday, April 19, 2014


I'm visiting my parents (in northern CA) over Easter and just felt like checking in with a funny picture of their dog Rocky. He likes to wander around the pond and tuck into the leaves like it's his private spot. Rocky can be a pain, but I admit he's very cute and getting a little mellower with age. Plus, Mom trimmed his fur a little and he's all clean and fluffy with his helmet hair.

My flight last night was so easy. I guess it's not a popular time to travel. The lines were short or nonexistent, and my plane was half-empty. I got a whole row to myself. The weather is nice here and I have been taking pictures around the yard. Tonight I'm headed out to see wildflowers (hopefully!).

Have a great Easter!


  1. So nice and rare to see a picture of a Pomeranian in its natural habitat! ; )

  2. Haha! You'll have to relay that laugh to danongames. It is a natural habit for this Pomeranian! I do love the picture :)

    Thank you for coming at Easter. I enjoyed your stay.

    Love, Mom



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