Monday, May 19, 2014

Yuba City knows how to party

Goodness, could I take any longer to show you the photos I took while in California? Every time I think of editing them, I want to do something else instead. But I did start on them the other day, so I might as well post a few that I have ready. I've narrowed them down a lot, because it turns out I wasn't very thrilled with many of them. Don't be sad at me, though! I feel like any time I make a less-than-positive comment about my photos I have people disapproving of me. :P

I really loved how this particular flower worked with the droplets, so I'm going to show you a few. I need to do more with flowers with this sort of pattern.

I also much prefer doing droplet photos with grass, because it feels a little more natural.

Droplets are adorable!

Here's a secret: I've been experimenting more with focus stacking, which is where you take several photos of a subject with a different focus in each photo, and then have a program (like Photoshop) smoosh them all together into one picture with many parts in focus. So this is built of several photos because, with the macro lens, it's about impossible to get everything in focus. I can talk about it a little more in depth sometime, if you want. Or at least link you up to someone who explains it better.

Okay, more to come. Someday. :)


  1. I can't believe you revealed your secret! I'd definitely like to hear more about the focus stacking technique : )

  2. Focus stacking sounds really complicated and yet helpful. I can think of a lot of times where I like pictures that focus on certain things, but then I have to use the ones that are focused on the main thing because it's what I was trying to photograph. To smoosh them together -- must be a technical term -- would yield some great results. I love your passion and time investment in discovering all this photography stuff. And then sharing it! Thank you.

    1. I love, love, love the orange gerbera daisy whether it is smooshed or not. The hairy grass makes me smile, Of course I adore the yellow/brown daisy-like flowers in the droplets and poppy photos for sooo many reasons.

      Thanks again, love, Mom



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