Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Portraits: My niece K

I thought I'd start off the photo posts of my niece's visit with her portraits. I took pictures of her every day, of course, but we specifically did portrait sessions on two occasions. The first was in a nearby park that used to be a golf course and has now just become kind of wild and overgrown. It's a great place for photos since there's usually not a lot of people around, and it's easy to park. K wore her new dress and I did her hair before we went out.

The back of her hair (with a stray piece flying in front). It was fun to fix her hair at various points during her visit.

Her hair quickly became windblown, but I just figured we could go with the natural look and I didn't bother trying to constantly fix it.

We also visited another park to change up the scenery. I appreciated K's energy and enthusiasm--she never complained that she was tired or sick of posing. :)

This looks like two girls in one photo.

Then, on the last night of her visit she mentioned that we hadn't done portraits (besides with black light) in her new dress, so we went out into the green forest that I thought would set off the bright pink-coral nicely.

We played around with a couple of scarves for fun. My parents just got that one for me in Mexico.

I could do tons of photo shoots with K because she's so easy to photograph! And she's great about trying different things. Thanks, K! I love and miss you!

More photos from her visit coming soon.


  1. These are great, especially in the coral dress (wait, isn't coral blue?)! I think my favorite is the third to last one, with the camera behind her looking out into the woods.

  2. In the sixth photo, it amazes me how much K looks like her sister L. I never noticed that so much. She looks beautiful in all the photos! I particularly like the first photo in the coral dress. K looks so happy here.

    Beautiful job with scenery choices, lighting, hairstyling and altogether helping our K to feel comfortable.

    Thank you, love Mom



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