Monday, June 30, 2014

What I'm Into

[That photo is actually from April. :D I guess I'm into posting old photos.]

My friend Brenda does this (I guess a lot of bloggers do), and I always think, hey I should do that! But I don't, aside from some interests/updates posts that might mention things I'm into. So here goes my first official "What I'm Into" post.

General Highlights
June was a pretty good month, beginning with my niece's visit, which included trips to Silver Falls, Tillamook and the coast. My department went on a one-day work retreat to Lake Suttle. I spent the next couple of weekends chilling to make up for all that excitement (I'm weak!). I reconnected with an old friend, celebrated my friend Deborah's birthday at a BBQ, and did a lot of other little things that'll be covered in the following topics.

Read and Reading
I've had some bad luck with books lately, and have started a few only to quit on them. But I did enjoy the few books I finished in June...

Where We Belong by Emily Giffin: I've enjoyed several Giffin books even though I don't always like her character's choices. I loved this story!

A Place to Belong by Lauraine Snelling: The final book in a series I had read and enjoyed. And I didn't mean to have a "belong" theme in my reading this month. And yes, that book cover embarrasses me.

Hypothetical Future Baby: An Unsentimental Adoption Memoir by Claudia Chapman: I loved this! It's by a blogger I follow who adopted from Ethiopia. Definitely check out her blog and/or the book.

I'm currently working on several books, as usual, and who knows which ones I'll actually finish. I need to get to the library where I have more audiobooks waiting to rescue me from the ones I'm not enjoying.

When my niece visited, we went to see The Fault in Our Stars, per her request. I'm not really into super sad movies--and it was--but this was well done and I'm glad we got to go. If you go see it, bring more Kleenex than you think you'll need.

Meanwhile, on Netflix I've been watching Once Upon a Time. I couldn't get into it the first time I tried, but I gave it another chance and have been enjoying it in the evenings. It's not the greatest ever, but it's interesting enough to keep me company while I play phone games or have dinner. Plus it's a family kind of show--fairly clean and includes all sorts of fairytale characters.

And since I don't think I've mentioned it here before, Parks and Recreation has become my new comfort show that I watch on repeat when I'm lonely, need a little cheering up or just want some guaranteed entertainment. IT'S SO FUNNY.

I took a little trip down memory lane recently and dug up some old songs that I loved in my teens. I was always big into R&B and especially loved ballads back then, like Force MD's Tender Love and The Deele's Two Occasions. But in newer (to me) music, my aforementioned friend I reconnected with introduced me to Marc Cohn, and I particularly like Strangers in a Car.

I think the best thing I ate this month was some carrot cake at Deborah's birthday BBQ. Wow, that was good! As for cooking this month:

I did a lot of shopping/spending this month (too much!) and a couple of my favorite purchases were:

Bath & Body Works Beautiful Day lotion - It smells so good! I want to get some more products in this scent.

LED Twinkle Star Tap Light - A silly impulse buy from Walmart that I've ended up loving, because apparently I'm 8 years old. It was like $3.something and I find it cute and comforting to turn it on when I go to bed. It shuts off automatically after 30 minutes.


Candy Crush - Big news--I finished Candy Crush! Well, all of the levels they have created so far (590). I will probably go back and replay some levels or even start it again, because it's so fun.

Sumoku - My friend Dan sent me this game since I loved it so much when he first showed me how to play. It's really fun and good for all ages. I think it would be especially great for helping with basic math skills for kids.

Catch Phrase - Since Jimmy Fallon plays Catch Phrase on his show, Dan was craving to play and ended up purchasing the game, which we've played over the phone several times. I also downloaded a few apps for Taboo and Catch Phrase on my phone.

Summer brings on a different atmosphere at work, as well as lots of building changes while the weather's nice. At my department retreat, I found out my office is moving to another building, so in August things are going to change a lot. I will go from sharing an office with one coworker to sharing with my entire department (we'll have cubicle walls). It should be interesting.

Other than that, my design projects are mainly for fall events, but I actually have a few projects for Christmas and Thanksgiving cards already! So I've been perusing lots of Christmas stock vectors and it feels a little wrong.

I also took on a freelance design project for a church invite card. It's good to get a little side work.


  • The temps have been great for sleeping and not needing fans or a heater. My electric bill should be good!
  • Timehop - This is an app you can download and it'll report to you what you tweeted, instagrammed and photographed on this date in years past. I find I look forward to reviewing my Timehop each day now, and I've been way more into Twitter knowing I'll get to revisit my tweets in a year.
  • The other day I got to see a mom deer and her three tiny babies! The pictures I got were horrendous and not worth sharing here, but you should've seen these adorable fawns. After nursing on their mom for a bit, they hopped around like little grasshoppers. They were the tiniest deer I've ever seen.

And now I think I'm supposed to post this:

Feel free to share anything you were into in June!


  1. Fun post! I hope you start doing these on a regular basis.

  2. This is very nice. Mine would be much boring-er than yours. I don't think Mom's get to be into much that their kids or husbands aren't into. Boohoo for me. I'll get over it.

    Anyway ... I just bought the book, "The Fault in Our Stars." I decided (ha... ha...) that I'm going to read a fiction. I'm terrible at reading fiction. But we'll see how it goes. Haven't seen the movie yet.

    I watched Once Upon a Time for a couple seasons and then decided to boycott the show because of peer pressure. So I deleted the episodes I hadn't watched from the DVR and stopped recording them. I was way behind and our DVR was too full anyway. Oh wells.

    I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE Parks and Recreation. Also well behind on that show, too. If you love P&R, you might want to check out Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It's sort of like The Office, but in a police station. Anyway, the humor is off-hand, sometimes sarcastic and often really surprising. Like there's a lot of scenes which you think you can predict and then wh-hollld on! and they totally go another direction. You really have to listen (or in my case, read) the lines they say under their breath. The best. Love that show. It's what *I* am into ... but so is my husband, so it just goes to prove my earlier point.

    I'm so bummed about Timehop. I want it to work so badly. But I don't have Facebook or Twitter (Tweeter? I'm confusing myself) and when I downloaded the app thinking it works for my Instagram account, I can't make it work. So I keep leaving it on my phone in hopes that one day I'll get an update or something that will make all the pieces fall into place. A girl can dream, can't she?

    I saw deer babies and moms and dads the other day so there. But yours were probably cuter. Those Texas deer and their cowboy hats and spurs ... oh my!

    1. It's pretty basic, everyday information for the most part. I think moms and non-moms all eat, watch TV, etc. Sorry you don't get to have things you enjoy, though...?

      You boycotted because others pressured you to, or you boycotted as a rebellious act against the pressure to watch it?

      Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix? I'll have to check. Sounds good, but I only have Netflix so I can't watch regular TV stuff unless they have it back to the first season online.

      That's weird about Timehop. I figured it would work with any of those programs. Anyway, I have a FB that is fake just for games and it has no info about me or anything...something to consider if you are wanting to use apps that require it.

  3. Thank you so much for this post! You had me cracking-up about the Twinkle light. (You are so young, in a good way)

    You spiked my interest with the books you displayed, especially the book about the adoption. I do not understand, however, what embarrasses you about the cover on the second book.

    Anyway, this was really fun for me to read and a good way to keep up with you.

    Thanks, love, Mom

    1. Hey, Mom! I'm not sure if you subscribe to comments to read responses, so I haven't been very quick to respond, but I appreciate all your comments lately!

      Oh, it's embarrassing because it's so cheesy! :)

      I think you'd really like the adoption book.



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