Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A few bugs on roses

I have a few bug photos to show you that I took at the rose garden the other day!

Mostly I love this one (and the first) for the flower. It was very photogenic. But these bugs were really cute and I have never seen them before. There were so many that it seems odd that I wouldn't have run into them on other visits, but I don't remember them. They are kind of like yellowish ladybugs!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of them. :D I narrowed the selection down a lot, though.

I read that it's best to take bug macros early in the day when it's cool and they are not as active, and that was definitely true this day. This bee sat fairly still for me to get lots of photos, but yes he was alive!



  1. I don't recognize that bug either! Not that I'm a pro entomologist or anything ; ) Maybe he's an unripe ladybug...?

  2. I LOVE your bee picture, and that's good to know about shooting earlier in the day. I have a hard time getting pictures of our bees because they're so busy!

    1. Thank you! Yes, they tend to be constantly active.

  3. I can't believe I missed this post earlier! I don't remember that greenish-yellow beetle either. Maybe he's only out early in the morning :)

    I have noticed if I garden earlier the bees are less buzzy! So I guess gardening early would be a good practice. (Not to mention beating the heat.) Were you this unafraid of bugs when you were young? Maybe the lens between you creates a sense of security. I know that garden gloves do that for me.

    Thank you, again for your post!

    Love, Mom



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