Saturday, July 12, 2014


I'm finally posting some bug photos from the past few months! If this sort of thing bothers you (no, I won't say "bugs you"), please feel free to skip/delete this post completely. There are insects of all sorts here including spiders, even though I think technically they aren't insects. At my blog, you can call spiders insects! That's freedom.

  • Most of these bugs are under a quarter inch long in real life.
  • Some of them are eating other bugs.
  • I have lots of room for improvement on my macro photos!
  • I'm putting these behind a link if you're on my actual main blog page--click on "Read More" (below) for the photos.

Let's begin with a little spider on a white rose. Seriously, he was tiny. It's really cool to see the details that I couldn't see without the macro lens.

Shield your eyes if you don't know about the birds and bees yet. I don't necessarily enjoy photographing mating animals, but I happened to catch this couple right before they moved away (to get more privacy, I assume).

These bugs are so cute. This one was on a poppy. Hey, poppy walker!

Sort of a less cute angle. Maybe he's gross instead.

Another pale spider. This one was on a web string and I was using flash, hence the back background.

Yuck! Why am I posting these? I don't really need to know that spiders are furry.

This is not a macro photo--I just took it with a normal zoom lens. I was out on a walk with my mom and saw these pretty blue moths (if moths can be pretty), and then they started getting to know each other.

Speaking of moths. Sorry, Mom! These bright ones show up a lot here during certain times of the year. This was near my door just sitting really still so I took a few pictures. He's doing heart fingers with his antenna because he apparently loves me.

Back to something slightly less gross, although why? How come ladybugs get such a sweet deal with humans?

They can be just as nasty as other bugs.
Look at him eating an aphid. That's good news considering the aphid problem my parents were having, but it's still a little blah. Stop being gross, nature!

Everyone loves aphids! Oh so delicious!

Okay, you made it to the damselfly. He was hanging out on my screen door (we've had sooooo many this year), so anytime a bug is willing to sit still for me, I will probably take pictures.

Of multiple angles.

Finally, this little green bug was on a flower at work, so I gave it a portrait session. He didn't really ask for one, though, and kept trying to walk away from me.

I'm not even charging you, bug! Be grateful!

One I posted to Instagram. My sister wasn't thrilled.

Okay, now I feel like never taking another bug picture again, so thanks a lot.

Let's talk about happier things. I updated my "About Me" page to be hopefully more interesting. I also updated my blog header with some scripty font, though my blog design overall is still lacking. And it's still technically Saturday morning, so I have the whole weekend ahead! It's hot here, but I will probably do some air-conditioned errands at the hottest part of the day. But I feel like going out and taking pictures!

Have a great weekend! You never know what awesomeness is around the corner. :)


  1. Freedom!!!!

    You've sure taken some amazing photos with that macro lens!

  2. Yay! I like photos of bugs!! That moth with the red is so cool! I don't think I've seen one of those before.

    1. Oh really? Maybe they aren't down there but they are up here a lot. They hop around in the grass for some reason. The electric orange-red color is cool.

  3. "Everyone loves aphids! Oh so delicious!" Probably quotes like this won't help you if your ever hoping to be a judge on FoodTV. But who knows?!

    I like these pictures of bugs. I do love how the macro gives you extreme detail. Sorry you feel icky after posting all these. I'm fascinated. :) Now... off to read About Jessica...

    1. I'm not, so I'm not worried about it.

      I'm glad you like them--thanks for commenting.

    2. I enjoyed all the bug photos. So detailed! Don't worry about bothering me with moth photos. Some moths are actually beautiful! (ie the Luna Moth) I think my main problem with moths is that they flutter around so sporadically, and they are really powdery if you happen to inhale one while singing. (The thought of it still makes me cough.)

      Thanks for all your works!

      Love, Mom

  4. Aww, I love the moth with the heart antennae. :) My girls adore butterflies and moths, so I'll have to show them these pictures later. I got a few good butterfly pictures when I took my photography class, but I need a macro lens to get better ones.



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