Monday, July 28, 2014

Gardens, flowers (vertical edition!)

I went to a couple of gardens yesterday evening, just to get out of the house, so obviously I have some pictures. Here are some of them and the rest will come later.

These are my least-favorite photos, but I do love the rainbow dots in the left photo.


  1. The rainbow dots are cute! I love, love the dahlias!

    1. Thanks! I am loving dahlias too! I'm probably just following trends, but I'm loving all the round, full flowers like peonies, dahlias and fluffy roses.

    2. I don't know which flower is which of course, but my fave is the 2nd to last, left side, sounds like one of the full round ones you're talking about : )

  2. I love all of the photos. My favorites are both photos in the fourth row. I think they are both in the same family as the daisy. I, also, like the golden dahlia (I think) at the end.

    Thank you, Love, Mom



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