Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The weather and a photo project idea

Hey! Just posting mostly to say hi. The photos are a few I took at work today when I was out doing a work-related photo shoot.

It's been quite warm lately, but my apartment was handling it pretty well for awhile. Then in the past couple of days, the heat caught up with it because it's not getting as cool at night. So yeah, I'm feeling a little whiny about that, but the good news is that we're right on the brink of cooler temps! Welcome back into to my life, highs of 80s and then 70s! It'll be so nice to not have noisy fans on 24/7, and not to have to keep up with when to open/close windows and blinds.

July is more than half over now, and I don't really have any particular plans for the rest of it. I'm not feeling super inspired to do anything. But in August, I am hoping to do a little photo project for practice. I will share my results here if I have any success. Basically, I was thinking about how many household objects could be really interesting/pretty if arranged and photographed in the right conditions. Sort of like a still life. (Or maybe exactly like a still life...I guess I only think of that term for paintings, but it's probably the same for photos.) So I have a (tentative) goal to photograph at least four different settings during August. Feel free to join in and find some cool items in your house that would be worth photographing! There are easy things like decorative items and jewelry, but then there less obvious things like toiletries, dishes, tools, etc. And you can mix and match--set up something elaborate, photograph one item on its own, or anything in between. I keep thinking of more and more as I write this, but I don't want to give all my ideas away. :)

Have a nice rest of your week!


  1. The photo project sounds neat! And it will be something a little different than the nature-y, outdoor stuff you often do (no complaints though, those pics are great : )

    1. Thanks for commenting. :) Yeah, I'm kind of excited but kind of worried it'll just turn out lamer than I thought and I'll give up after the first try. :P

  2. A very good idea! I often think of those beautiful photos of my spools of thread :)

    How are you today? (I'm only about 6 weeks late in viewing this post) Thanks for being patient with me. I'll probably get behind again when Dad and I go on the cruise.

    Love, Mom



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