Sunday, August 17, 2014

Faucet art

Awhile back, someone sent me a photo in this style saying I might find it cool, and I did! I can't remember who it was, and I keep asking but no one has spoken up yet. Anyway, last night I decided to finally try out this technique. Knowing how my photo experiments usually go, I anticipated disappointment and lots of challenges, but it actually went pretty smoothly!

To do this, I set up some scrapbook paper behind the kitchen faucet, turned the water on a slow drip, and took some pictures. I had to use my flash, so I couldn't just do rapid-fire photos (the flash can't keep up), but the drops were coming slow and regularly enough that I was able to get into a rhythm (though I still had a lot of photos to delete afterwards).

Here's a behind-the-scenes look...

I taped the paper to a pitcher that I had sitting by the sink in order to get it at the desired level. The reason I was using books instead of a tripod to prop up the camera was because I found the tripod couldn't get at the right angle next to the sink. The books worked fine.

I'd like to try this again sometime with a larger pattern with higher contrast. It was so easy to set up that it only takes a few minutes. I was also surprised at how quickly I got a decent drop! My first one was only a few tries into it.


  1. OK that's really neat! I especially like the first pic.

  2. I liked the especially liked the first photo, too. This is so cool and something I could never do. I'll just enjoy your photography.

    Thanks, love, Mom

    P.S. Now maybe I'll be able to catch up on your other blogs. Thanks, again for helping me with my Google account.

  3. I love them all, but that daisy picture is my favorite since the droplet is an oval and it changes the picture a bit.

  4. I really appreciate your behind the scenes pictures. I do wonder sometimes!!



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