Monday, September 8, 2014

Deepwood Estate (again)

I need to chip away at the pile of photos I took in August and post some for you. Might as well give them more purpose than just sitting on my hard drive! Here are some I took at Deepwood Estate during a couple of visits. That place always has something more to give me, even when I think it'll be the same old thing. I've been trying to stretch myself a bit and try new things instead of retaking the same angles over and over. Flowers are beautiful on their own, of course, but I want to improve and capture something different. Sometimes I semi-accomplish that, sometimes not, but just trying things helps me see other possibilities, shapes, colors and textures that are sometimes easy to miss.

Anyway, enough talk. Here are a bundle of my favs.

Grapes are fun! And I really like how this looks in the dark gray tones.

I've been experimenting more with Photoshop actions lately. I might explain that more someday, but most actions are like makeup for photos. And, in my opinion, they tend to look best when they are barely detectable--sort of like well-applied makeup!

Don't those grapes look plastic? Also, the tree looks like he has a face.

My friend Jennifer seems to know almost all the flower names, and she told me the ones on the right are Nasturtium. I like the round leaves.

I've been loving the snapdragons. I didn't even know these were them (until Jennifer told me), but their shape is fun. PS My mom is also good at flowers, but Jennifer is usually around when I first ask and beats her to the answers. :)

The flowers on the left are Monk's Hood, which I learned after asking several friends. That one actually stumped Jennifer. Did you know what they were before I told you?

Well, the formatting on this post is a bit sloppy, but I don't have the energy to keep messing with it. I hope you don't mind. Have a great week!


  1. I like this selection. I was just thinking about that flower one that you posted the other day with the spider under the petals...I don't remember it being in your gallery poll but it was a good one.

    My favorite in these new Deepwood ones is the one after the fake l

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the spider one won't be in the gallery since lots of people hate seeing spiders even in pictures. I wouldn't want viewing my photos to be a bad experience! But I do like that one and feel pretty good about how it turned out.

      Your phone is weird! Thanks for being persistent. :)

  2. I meant to say my fav is the one under the fake looking grapes. My silly phone wouldn't let me finish typing for some reason.

  3. 😄 you're welcome. I guess that makes sense. I always forget about that spider fear thing. I don't want them crawling on me but they are cool to look at.

  4. I can tell you're trying some new things, and the results are great! Some really nice pictures here.

    You're right, the grapes do look plastic...

    SnapDragon? Well that's the best photo subject ever!

  5. I did notice that you were using different angles on your photos. Also, the colors were more blues and lavenders, but that may be because more of that color blossoms are on display this time of year. Love the hooded monk. (I only knew the name from your IG post) The tree reminded me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Humming birds are always a favorite. Thank you for this post.

    Love, Mom

  6. Lovely! I really like your shots. I love all the colors, and the hummingbird picture.

  7. I always enjoy your Deepwood Estates photos. That hummingbird looks like his brain is showing.



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