Thursday, September 25, 2014


I gathered up a lot of my dragonfly photos when I was trying to decide what to use in the gallery. I'm not sure if I chose the right one, because I think I was getting a little hung up on some technicalities that others don't mind. For instance, I didn't like the perch (a sprinkler) in the above photo, which is why it wasn't chosen.

Anyway, dragonflies and damselflies are really cute, and I don't want these photos to go to waste. So here are several I've taken over the past couple of months, along with a few from who knows when. I did different crops that might not be the most artistic, but show more detail.

[I just realized I forgot to watermark these images, but I'm too lazy right now to fix it.]

I took sooooo many photos of this dragonfly at Deepwood.

An accidental underexposure that I turned into an artsy black and white.

I've never realized how many types of damselflies there are. I always think of the blue ones and maybe the beige, but there are several varieties and even their little faces are different colors. How cute is this greeny?

Answer: very.

This guy was very cooperative and held still for quite awhile.

Eye detail. And, sure, while you're here you can look at his wing if you want.

I caught this one doing some evening exercise.

He has purple eyes and a blue mouth. Really neat. What's not neat is my inconsistent editing.

It's kind of hard to see, but he has a little bug in his mouth.

Peeky peek.

This was another where I didn't care for the perch, so I cropped it out here.

He's eating dinner. His mouth is so cute!

Here's this guy smiling up a storm. Life is grand when you're a dragonfly!

Next year I hope to get an earlier start on my dragonfly obsession and get some more artistic shots as opposed to just being in focus.


  1. Well..I still really like the sprinkler one. I like the dried up leaf ones too!

    1. Sorry! Maybe I was getting hung up on the wrong thing. :/ But thanks!

  2. These are awesome. I love the close-up shots, and I had no idea their little faces were so cute. I love looking at the wings, too. It looks like stained glass to me, without the stain.

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I love their wings and wanted to get a better wing detail shot but wasn't really happy with them.

  3. These photos are all cool! I forgot that damselflies have two sets of wings, maybe because they often have their wings closed. I loved the fitness fanatic; he got me laughing. This was so fun! I can't imagine what you chose for your gallery.

    Love, Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! Well, the one I chose is a little mundane compared to these, actually, but I felt like it was nice and clean and in focus. I don't know.. I've been questioning it.

  4. Those are CRAZY GOOD pics! So close and detailed. That macro lens (or whatever equipment you used) was worth every penny.

    Love the last pic!

  5. I know I don't stop by and comment very often here or on LJ, but as I see your posts and images via RSS I'm always impressed by the amazing images you are creating! Just wanted to say nice work and thanks for sharing them, always inspiring :-)

    1. Thanks so much, Dan! Your opinion means a lot. :)



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