Sunday, October 12, 2014

Deepwood photos to kick off Birthday Week!

Today starts my birthday week! Once my birthday is over, it's OVER, so I like to celebrate in the days leading up to it rather than try to act like it's still valid birthday celebration after the 18th. It's just not! I'm the same with holidays--I can't be into them once the day has passed. And hey, I'm allowed to be particular--it's my birthday week!

My plans this week include a few meals out with friends, a lot of housework (it's my birthday gift to myself ;)), and enjoying fall and hopefully a few more beautiful days. I also hope to blog a few times!

These are some of the other photos I took at Deepwood last week (when I discovered porcelain berries!).

I narrowed the porcelain berry photos down a LOT, but there are still a few more here even though I showed them to you last week.

For those of you interested in Photoshop actions, I was into Soften Nature for several photos from this batch. If you don't know what Photoshop actions are, just ignore this caption. :)

The sun was coming in behind these making their edges glow. I think they have fine hairs on the edge that help catch light.

Follow this link to see a semi-cool spider photo. I'm so nice to just make it a link, aren't I?

These are a little busy to be put together. Sheesh, Jessica.

The flower on the right is kind of cool since it looks like a bird from the side.


Sure, might as well finish things with yet another porcelain berry photo!

In sad news, my camera (Canon Rebel Xsi) has died and so I'm currently without one (besides my phone and not technically without one). It had this problem where a shutter curtain came loose, and then it just stopped taking photos and now only gives me error 99, which seems to be the Canon equivalent of the Windows blue screen. But I did have over 5 good years with this camera, so I guess I sucked the life out of it. My last camera also died of Error 99 (again, a shutter issue). But the good news is, this is the push I needed to upgrade to a better camera.

Enjoy my birthday week! ;)


  1. Happy birthday week!

    Haha, that one does totally look like a bird!

    RIP camera : ( I hope you get a new one soon!

    1. Thanks, Dan!

      I hope so, too! I'm thinking about robbing a bank or maybe a little fraud to help finance it!

  2. You shouldn't say things like that online, Jessica. Someone might take you seriously. (Not me)

    Again, loved the photos. Good thing you had some extra from Deepwood Estate so you could post on your birthday week!

    Thank you so much and hope you have a marvelous birthday! Love, Mom

    1. Maybe I am being serious! ;)

      Thank you!

  3. Ooh, lovely!! I love the picture of the berries with the delicate little dots all over them, and the bird-flowers.

  4. I totally love every one of these. That first one though, just really pops for me. It will probably need to go in your gallery showing next time. :) And the berries ... who can NOT heart those colorful berries?

  5. The flower DOES look like a bird. So pretty!

    And I really love those berries!




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