Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Fall Portraits - Liane (part 2)

Happy Wednesday! (I say that with a fake smile--I'm not a big Wednesday fan, though today was pretty good.) Here I am with the rest of Liane's photos. If you missed it, the first set is here.

Apparently I didn't have anything to say in captions today. It seemed like it might be repetitive. :) Thanks to Liane for being such an awesome model (when it's cold and I'm asking her to sit on the wet ground!), and thanks to anyone looking through this post! Having people to share my photos with makes it worth doing.

Guess what? My new camera arrived yesterday! Most of you already know that. I've already taken several photos that I hope to show you in the next few days. I'm loving it so far! Stay tuned, hot air ballooned.


  1. Again, lovely pictures! I'm sure Liane will be happy to have them.

  2. Again, all of your photos are beautiful! I think the first on is my favorite. I really like the photo through the sunroom door windows. (It has an introspective appeal)

    You should be very happy with this group of photographs.

    Love, Mom



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