Saturday, November 22, 2014


I meant to blog this past week, but I've been fairly tired and unmotivated in the evenings. I was also overwhelmed by how many ice photos I had and didn't know how to narrow them down. To be honest, most aren't very fabulous; it's the subject matter that I find really interesting, so I still wanted them to do more than sit on my hard drive. So I made a slideshow! Fading photos in and out to music is one way to make them seem a bit prettier. ;)

This might seem kind of long, but hopefully it's entertaining. There's music, but feel free to watch without--it's not pertinent. I did want to give a shout-out to my friend Michael, though, because his music is the soundtrack. He composed and recorded these years ago and I've been wanting to use his music in a slideshow for awhile now.

Here's the video, and then scroll down after it so I can tell you about some fun paper snowflakes!

Ice from J M on Vimeo.

The other day my 15-year-old niece, L, learned how to make these snowflakes at school. Then she came home and made some for her bedroom, and her mom instagrammed them. I loved them and wanted to learn how, so last night we Skyped and she taught me. It's pretty simple once you get the hang of it (it took me a few tries to cut the paper correctly--I felt so incompetent since my 7-year-old niece got it on the first try). You can make all sorts of sizes and colors depending on what paper you have on hand. I used some cheapy (better, since it's thinner) scrapbook paper to make the one above (seen above my couch), but you can use printer paper, origami paper, maps, newspapers, anything.

A friend on Instagram said she wanted to teach her daughters, so I thought I'd link to a few videos that teach you how. You can also just do a search for "3D snowflake tutorial" and find some options. Here are a few: - This has the woman actually talking to explain, whereas the others are set to music.

I really enjoyed doing a craft via Skype and I think we'll have to do that again soon. I've also learned how to make rubberband bracelets from my niece N via Skype, and my friend Dan was even able to tutor L in math! It's obviously way better to hang out with my nephieces in person, but since we live a few states apart, I'm really glad I can still see them and spend time with them.

Have you ever made these snowflakes? My friend Dania said she made them at work one year, and they hung them all over the office!


  1. I think your friend's music worked really well with your ice pictures. You got some really gorgeous shots!

    I'm about to watch the first snowflake video now. :)

  2. Very cool video! I think the music fit it very well.

  3. FINALLY I got to watch this video. The music is great! The photos ... well, you just make me absolutely sick with how awesome those are. You made me miss ice storms. And that's saying a lot! :) I loved the little commentary at the end. Just when I was all peaceful and calm from music and beauty, you get funny on there and ended with some good laughing. That video just brings me lots of joy. I love it. I want to download it and play it on repeat on our TV all winter.

    1. Thanks! Honestly, they aren't fantastic--like I say, putting them together in a slideshow sort of jazzes them up a little. I just documented the situation. Thanks! I'm sure your family would get sick of it on repeat, though. :P

  4. R said it all! I was thinking the ice photos are so beautiful and the music so peaceful and then you would comment with "another barb". Love it!

    I'm glad you Skype with the girls. They enjoy it so much. I love the snowflakes! I haven't even gotten the hang of "face time". It makes me so self conscience. You are such a good aunt.

    Thanks for this beautiful post, love, Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom!

      I do get self-conscious on Skype but it's more comfortable since it's my nieces who have seen me at my worst. We don't Skype as often as they'd probably like, but I try to get it in when I can. :)

  5. I really enjoyed the ice video! I think ice is one of my favorite photo subjects. I loved how the basketball net was frozen all crinkled up!

    - Fayelle

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad people have watched it.



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