Sunday, November 9, 2014

Pictures of everything (1)

I've been so lazy today. Yesterday morning I got up and out of the apartment much earlier than I usually would on a Saturday because I was eager to take advantage of the foggy conditions. I ended up at the Ankeny wildlife refuge, and then at Willamette Valley Vineyards, hiking around in the wet grass taking a picture of anything with a dew drop on it. Dew drops are photo ops, that's what I always say! (Actually, I only made up that incredible rhyme just now, believe it or not.) Meanwhile, I had an invite to play games that evening, so I went home and cleaned up before having friends over. My point is that I was pretty active all day (and it was a very good day!), so today I guess I'm making up for it. Let's just say, I've stayed very caught up on my Words With Friends games today. (I'm Greengatephoto if you want to play.)

I have taken 895 pictures on my new camera (that arrived Tuesday last week). I wanted to see what everything looks like in a picture by this new camera, even if I've taken the same photo ten times before on the old one. I've narrowed down a few to show you, though I wouldn't say they are necessarily the best. I chose some just because they're kind of interesting, even if not perfectly composed or edited. Some may be really uninteresting--it's hard for me to know at this point. I lose perspective the more I look at them, and the more I take. Hopefully your fresh little ojos will enjoy these.

Anyway, I'm not going to caption or explain everything (but you know I'll say a little something here and there!), so I'll just tell you that these were all taken either: at work, at the refuge or at the vineyard. And you're going to see a LOT of droplets, along with some mushrooms, plants and insects (specifically cucumber beetles, in most cases). Also, I'm mixing these up a bit, so they aren't in order and they'll switch back and forth between subjects.

I just thought this was funny how you can see the parking lot in the droplet. Ah, so majestic! Cars.

I've said this on Instagram and stuff, but there are just soooo many mushrooms at work right now. We had all the right weather conditions and they are everywhere you go. I tried to capture the different kinds.

I'm not sure how many of the insects I photographed were actually alive. Just pretend they all were, if you prefer.

A little knob mushroom.

It looks like a fishing poll with a fly holding on.

Not the clearest shot, but I thought you might like to see it up closer.

I didn't spend much time on these uglier mushrooms, but wanted to show you some variety.

Alright, that's enough for now. I have several more that I'll be posting throughout the week (hopefully!).


  1. Was this a test for us to guess which site each photo was taken from? Well, I have one guess: The photo that has a droplet reflecting cars was taken at work :) I hope I got one right. (Btw, I think that droplet looked like a hot-air balloon.)

    We'll just conceder the bugs are alive. They are just slow because they are cold! Is that a worm coming out from under the mushroom on the third to last photo?

    The two blades of grass with droplet heads: were they taken at the refuge? They look like they are smiling. So much to see! I can imagine something new or different every time I look. It's fun checking these photos out!

    Thank you, love, Mom

    1. Ha! Well, I guess I could've made a little game out of it. :) Yes, you are right about the cars being from work!

      Yes, those mushrooms had all sorts of bugs in and around them. Sometimes it took me awhile to notice. Some of the photos make me uncomfortable to look at. :P I didn't post some for that reason.

      I think most of the grass ones were taken at work, because there are some ledges that give me a good angle on grass instead of having to lay down.

  2. I love how the water droplets gather on the insects. They look like little jewels. I also like the spiderweb against the black and the one where you can see the cars in the droplet. So cool!

  3. Yes! Love. Sorry I'm out of things to say. You know I just love your photos.

    1. Thanks! It's fine, you don't have to say something each time, or even something new.

  4. I wonder what the bugs think about droplets on em and how much is too much for flying.

    Also, I LOVE droplet photos. That first one is my fave!

    - Fayelle

    1. Thank you! I think the bugs have to wait to dry off a bit before flying. I'm not sure, but it seems like they're a little bit trapped in those conditions.



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