Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Pictures of everything (3)

Continuing on... (see previous couple of posts for info)

Hopefully I'm not bothering people with some of these bugs. I'm showing the tamer stuff. :)

You can click here for creepier insect photo. I figured not everyone would appreciate it--click at your own risk!

This was at the refuge, and check it out: swans! I've never seen them in the wild before.

A closer crop. I didn't have the right lens. Also, there's a white heron/egret (?) in the background.

Yes, I have lots of cucumber beetle photos.

And let's end on a nutria. Everyone's favorite rat!

One more set of photos to come.


  1. I think your "creepy" bug was way more cool than creepy! Also, I've loved this series.

    Quick (nosy) question: why did you change your name from hellobutterfly to greengatephoto? I was look back at old posts and saw the old name.

    1. Thanks so much! :D Thanks for the comments.

      I don't mind--it's not nosy! I think I have a post about this, actually...but now I can't find it. The short answer is that Hello Butterfly was problematic for me (logowise), plus it was never really meant as a long-term business name, and I wanted to kind of turn the page and have an official photography business name.

  2. The little lady bug nestled in the prickly plant seems to be thinking, "Don't bother me now! It's cold and I just want to sleep a little longer!"

    The swans and egret on the misty lake seem almost surreal! Beautiful!

    Love, Mom

    1. Yeah, he is probably dead, but let's pretend he was just sleeping!

      I forgot I wanted to go back and see more swans! This is a good reminder.

  3. Lots of good stuff at the refuge this time! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love the insect shots! All of them! I want to see some "less tame" pictures if you feel like editing them up.

    1. Haha.. okay. I don't remember if I ever posted them? Thanks!

  5. Beautiful refuge shots!




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