Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Scene (When it Snowed)

I'm sorry I'm so inconsistent about posting here! You probably don't mind, and usually I don't, but sometimes I feel a little pressure to get my act together. Mostly because the longer I wait, the more behind I will be as I take more pictures! I'm getting really excited about spring and all of the photo opportunities it presents. We've had some sunnier weather, but everything is still pretty barren at the moment.

But forget spring for a minute, and check out my snow pictures, por favor.

Some of these are kind of similar because the scene kept changing as we got more and more snow, and I would retake certain views.

Oh hey, how about another photo of the lake?

Of course I had to go out at night because that was when we had the most snow. It was really coming down at this point.

I liked waking up to this scene out my back door.

It's so soft and thick! I do not want more snow right now, but I still like looking at these pictures.

I loved this scene. Everything was so quiet, and I like how things look lavender when you mix evening, snow, and neighborhood lights.

Thank you for looking!

Monday, February 17, 2014


Pretty soon I'll be out taking spring pictures, so I figure I should get these snow-related pictures posted before everyone is not in the mood to look at winter weather. :) I have categorized my photos into three groups: snow landscapes, ice, and snowflakes. I decided to start with ice just because I like these the most and needed a little motivation to get a post up. As much as I'm fine with no more snow/ice this winter, I couldn't help but feel wistful looking at these, because I really enjoyed taking them. I want another opportunity someday!

I first took some ice photos the evening we started getting freezing rain.

It was getting dark, so the lighting in some of these is artificial. Obviously.

As some friends already noted, these look like little ice blossoms.

It's so pretty how the trees shine with their little ice blankets.

So I took a lot of pictures of them.

And I didn't narrow these down very much.

After dark.

In the morning I woke up early enough to catch more ice photos before it melted. I re-took several scenes in the different light, so there is a bit of repetition here. I couldn't choose (or maybe I just didn't want to).

I don't have a lot of captions for these. I'm not sure what to say except YAY ICE!

Does this make you want to crush it? I may have done that on a couple of things, without ruining it for others.

I'm not sure how thick the ice got. They had predicted up to half an inch, but many of these look more like a quarter of an inch. I think this would've been near the peak since the freezing rain was over by this point, but it was just about 30 degrees out.

More ice blossoms.

Does anyone else feel like I've posted this same picture a hundred times? But all the ice!

The end!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow days

The past several days have been really interesting. I had very much hoped for snow and the bonus of a coating of ice, so I felt extremely grateful and excited about all that we got (about a foot or more)! It was beyond my hopes. I took about a thousand photos (not an exaggeration) over the course of four days and tried to soak up the scenery and opportunities as best as I could. I got outside a few times per day, admired the view, and even set my alarm so I could get more ice pictures before it melted! I also enjoyed the winter time at home. I baked, watched Netflix under my electric blanket, went through photos and hung out online.

By Sunday, I was getting eager for things to go back to normal. I had all of my photo opportunities, so I was fine with being done with snow. I'm the type who needs to leave my home most every day, even just for a quick trip to the store. This is especially true for me when I live alone (as I do now). Even though I technically had enough food to get by for awhile, I was running out of some of my favorite groceries (Coke Zero--I'll admit it) and feeling the lack of freedom to drive off whenever I felt like it. So when I found out Sunday night that work would be closed again on Monday, and I realized that maybe it would be a bit longer before I could leave, I felt cranky. Apartment fever was setting in, and my low point was this morning when I attempted to leave but couldn't get my car out of my parking spot. I was so disappointed.

Finally, at around 3:30pm I tried again and managed to get my car free! The streets are great, it was just my parking lot that was full of slush. I felt so liberated driving off to the store, and I even made small talk with the overly-cheerful cashier that I often avoid. Now I'm feeling much better about life, thanks for asking!

I have lots of photos to show you, and I'll post them as I get them ready. These are just a few as a preview. I have to say, I'm very glad that snow is a treat instead of a normal part of winter here. It makes me appreciate it more, and it's just easier to go about life when it's not around.

Have a great week! Do you have any Valentine's plans? Yes, it's already this Friday!


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