Saturday, January 24, 2015

Christmas day

Here are several photos of the scene on Christmas morning and then a few in the day. I feel like they really capture the general spirit of things. It was a happy day! I'm sooooo so so happy I got to spend it with my nieces so I could watch their enthusiasm over the gifts. :) :) Let's do it over again!

I don't know if you can tell, but she's into Minnie.

I just realized this might be the only photo of my sister's dog, Asher! Huh. Unless he snuck in some others. I probably should've made an effort to get a better picture. Also featuring K's zebra PJs!

E and her mama.

And my mom! Who hopefully doesn't mind I'm picturing her in her robe. I feel like this picture is so very Christmas morningy.

E couldn't wait to wear her "homet" for her new scooter.

K, looking at a photo of her new bike waiting at home.

I got E this Sophia (sp?) wooden "paper" doll. Really my mom helped pick it out--I had no idea who Sophia was.

Dad, just taking it all in with Rocky staying out of the way.

Later in the day we did a lot of quiet relaxing.

I was glad to have my laptop for some quiet game playing on some of the days.

Meanwhile, E played with stuffed animals in the entry way.

I think my dad was showing my sister and her husband some trip photos. What looks like a dog and Barbie in Santa hats is on TV. :P Wth?

More playing. Some of these were dog toys.

E's cute while doing pretty much anything. Including drinking sparkling cider from a bottle.

It was just a small extra gift I got for each girl, but they seemed to like them!

I still find it so cute when kids play on the computer, even though it's normal for them.

But N's been practicing since she was 1 and a half! :) She used to hop up and pretend to do what she saw her mom and sisters do.

Hey, sorry I still need to catch up on comment responses! I appreciate the comments I've received, but I easily fall behind. Maybe tomorrow I can work on it. Later!


  1. Such a cute comparison with N on the computer now and then! Love that E keeps herself occupied with dog toys after just opening so many Christmas gifts!

    What great memories! Post this in 5 years and we'll how much the kids have grown. :)

    Merry Christmas and Happy 2015! Love, Mom

    1. I know, I almost thought I'd never find that old photo of her (that D took), but it was so cute that I went the extra mile to look for it.

      Yes, E is a good independent player!

      Thank you!

  2. I think my favorite picture of E is where she's drinking her cider with one foot over the other. So cute! You got a great variety of pictures Christmas day, and really captured the feeling of time with family and time relaxing.

    1. Thank you! I know, it's so funny the little poses kids do without realizing.

      Thanks, that was exactly my goal. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah it's funny how she's become all popular again!

  4. Very nice sharp pics. Love the pic of pops just chilling out while it all happens.



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