Monday, January 19, 2015

Dewy pictures I took at Christmas

One morning during Christmas break, we woke up to a lot of fog outside. After breakfast I decided to go outside with my camera, and some of my nieces joined me at various points to observe the dew on the plants around my parents' yard. It was a fun nature break!

One of just a couple of remaining roses.

I had N stand behind the rosebud on the right so I could have her pink shirt as a background.

A closer crop on this rose.

My main fog companion, N. She was so sweet as she helped me find things to photograph and seemed genuinely in awe of all the pretty little details we came across. She also found some walnuts that the crows had dropped.

The previous night, someone found a little snail, so K held it up for me.

These remind me of those outdoor strings of lights that they have at parties and restaurants.

I went a little photo crazy on this.

I also had L stand behind it so she could show up in the droplets.

Closeup on a windshield.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those are great! I'm glad that the girls helped!

  2. I think water droplets are my fave nature photography subject of yours. Maybe. Love em!

    And how cute that the girls got involved!

    1. They're one of my favorite subjects as well! Thank you! I can't help but take tons of photos of them and wish I had my camera when I see them.

  3. The flowers almost appear to be dressed for a celebration wearing crystal beads. You were so good to ask the girls to accompany you. I sure it helps them to get a new appreciation for nature.

    Thank you, love Mom

    1. Well, I ask because I really like their company! :) Just so you don't think I'm so selfless...haha. And it makes me happy that they actually want to spend time with me!



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