Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pre-spring and catchup (warning: lots of pink)

Wouldn't it be nice if I could keep up with my blog more regularly? Every time I post here, I feel like there are too many pictures! I have to narrow everything down so much.

This winter has been amazingly sunny and warm compared to usual. So even though it's still pretty bare outside, there are a lot of things blooming if you look a little closer.

But you don't have to look very closely down in California, where I was last weekend. My friend and I made a road trip down to Yuba City for the holiday weekend, and the weather was soooo awesome. Plus, orchards were blooming all over and it felt more like March than April.

This is from the drive down. I didn't drive at all on that trip, so I got to look out the window and take pictures!

Mount Shasta. I wanna pop...I wanna Shhhhasta! Grape, please.

Down in YC, we mostly hung out playing games and enjoying the backyard. My parents have a pond, and there are often frogs hanging out by the filter, so I kept checking under the lid for them. This funny guy liked to balance beam on the edge. Comfortable!

Some Cyclamen growing in the yard.

We took a walk, and there were lots of Japanese magnolia trees in full bloom.

And cherry (or whatevs) trees.

It was a great trip! Not pictured: lots of unhealthy food from my favorite places, Dania coming over for games and dinner, Starbucks iced tea, Valentine candy, a drive around town to look at my old houses and schools, a smooth drive both ways (especially coming back!). I'm so happy we went.

Okay, we're back in Oregon. Today I went to Deepwood and Bush Park because I'm doing an engagement portrait session there tomorrow (yay!) and wanted to look at some possible locations.

I went a little camellia crazy, and I'll probably take more later. They're just so dang pretty!

I also got hung up on the delicate little flowering bushes. I love photographing color and texture this way.

And I loooove the smooth green background on some of these. Thanks, grass!

I took lots of pictures of these and I don't even know what they're called. But I love the feminine look of these photos.

These are adorable.

Nope, we're not done with the camellias. This is just funny-cool how there are two back to back.

These had a different sort of edging than I usually see.

Daphne isn't all that interesting to look at, but the scent is so awesome that they get a picture anyway.

Thanks for looking! I have more to say and show you, so hopefully I'll get it together and post a few times this week. Now I need some Coke Zero.


  1. Love the driving pics! Amazing you can get such good pics in a moving vehicle.

    Frog! Love that little guy.

    Lots of great pics as usual : )

    1. Thank you! :D Sorry, I just remembered that I hadn't published this comment.

  2. The fog one is really cool, and I love all of the pinkness!

  3. That black and white shot is stunning!!

    That little frog looks like he's praying. :)

    I love all the little flowers and how cheerful all the flowers look.

  4. So many beautiful photos! I always lumped camellias in with roses in that I love them up close and not really from a distance but your pics are stunning. As usual!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, they are of course awesome close up, but I love the soft, pink vibe of a sunny bush of them.

  5. I'm happy to see this beautiful post on the big screen as apposed to the screen on my cell phone. Thank you for taking the lovely photos in our yard. I'm so glad that you were able to visit our home one more time before we sell it. The photos will be beautiful memories.

    Daphne's do deserve a photo! Wonderful fragrance counts for a lot!

    Great to see the photo of Mt. Shasta with snow. This mountain is too grand to be dressed only in brown.

    Love all the photos! Love you, Mom

    1. Thanks, Mom! I'm not sure I've seen Shasta un-snowy...I guess I thought it always had some!



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