Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hi, March.

Happy March!

As usual, I have LOTS of photos to procrastinate about posting here. Maybe I'll end up showing you a tiny percentage of them in a few months! The one above is from today, and I actually took it in the Safeway parking lot. Grocery store photography: only for the glamorous.

Instead of a full list of pictures and categories to tell you about February, I'm just going to give a quick list. It was a pretty busy month this year--usually it gets lumped with January as a down month. But with the great weather we're having in the PNW, I've treated it like spring.

In February, I:
  • Went to Champoeg State Park and saw my uncle's family, who I hadn't seen in years
  • Baked and frosted a bunch of heart cookies
  • Started watching Community and Brooklyn Nine Nine
  • Learned more about Enneagram and what type I might be
  • Took a tour of one of the printers we use at work, and then had lunch at Marco's for my first time
  • Roadtripped to California over Valentine's/President's weekend
  • Read Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  • Did my taxes
  • Took my friend Katrina's engagement photos
  • Attended a watercolor workshop
  • Went to the coast and Connie Hansen Garden in Lincoln City
  • Went to Deepwood Estate and Bush Park a few times to take pictures
  • Played a lot of games
  • Made popcorn on the stove all by myself for my first time
It was a full month, and included lots of sunshine. Sooooo nice.

I have a couple of plans in March, but I wouldn't mind staying close to home most of the time. Hopefully the awesome weather will continue. Have a great month!


  1. That sounds like a pretty good month : ) Especially for February! I might have had my best February ever actually.

  2. Fun February!! And yay for loads of sunshine!

    GREAT photo at the bottom, wow.



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