Monday, May 4, 2015

Digging in the archives

I'm confused about what photos I've posted here. I mean, I have looked at my posts, and so I'm pretty sure these are all new to you (except maybe a couple were on Instagram). But some of these were already sized down as if I posted them before. ?? ANYWAY, I'm not going to stress over it. I'm just trying to catch up and make use of some of these photos. Let's go back to March.

Great, I just realized I uploaded a bunch of photos before watermarking them. Please don't steal.

Okay, so March. Remember that? Because somehow it's May now. March was the month when all the trees were blooming and I couldn't stop taking pictures of them!

It's addictive.

Intermission! My nice friend Dania sent me these St. Patrick's brownie pops from Shari's Berries! Woo!

You knowwww you were wondering about the inside.

Back to the tree blossoms. I did visit the capitol during the cherry tree blooming this year even though I feel like I have already taken the same photos there enough times. But I spent more time on other sections of the park than this main area, plus it's still pretty here even if I have seen it several times now.

I also took walks around the neighborhood finding things to photograph.

And guess what, I found out the name of these! But then I just forgot, and can't find where I saw the name before. :| I will have to ask the wildflower guy sometime. Unless one of you know?

Now quickly skip ahead, because for some reason I have these uploaded and watermarked already. I don't think I posted them. This particular one is in my Etsy shop. Hey, speaking of my Etsy shop, get ready for a commercial!!

Yes, now that I've announced the shop to pretty much everyone I know, I am doing a sale for the month of May. I love May! Get your mom a spring print!

And finally, one of many Lily of the Valley photos I've taken. I hope hope hope to post more photos soon and catch up! I always say that, I know.


  1. Love. I like the pink blossoms all best. And those brownie pops! Yum. :0)

    1. Thanks for commenting. :) And the nice words.

  2. Don't worry, we always like seeing pics of the capitol : )

    Can I have a dozen of those brownie pops please? Thanks!

    1. Oh good. :) Thanks.

      Haha.. yeah they were good. You would've enjoyed them!

  3. Such gorgeous pictures! As I remember it, our March was cold and snowy, so it was fun seeing all the pretty trees and flowers you had.



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