Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photo marathon

Alright, I'm just going to pick up where I left off yesterday and post more photos from March. NOTE: These are NOT my best work, but I wanted you to see some of the flowers and scenes I encountered, so I'm posting them for the subject instead of the photography.

[NOTE 2: I tried to post these more efficiently and it's making the captions all tiny. I guess I must hand-code everything all the time then, Blogger?]

I have a lot of photos of these tree blossoms, because I love them!

Here's the caption I put for this on Instagram: Just a camellia picture I snapped really quickly and later admired how smooth and vanilla it looks.

That's my index finger for size comparison to these tiny adorables.

This looks very Christmasy. The background is (if I remember correctly) a bunch of reddish azaleas.

These are weird and I usually just see them in this one spot in Bush Park. I noticed they were chopped off the next time I was there (not sure if that's natural or not). Maybe a deer wanted them to clean the toilet?

I just liked the color of these berries.

They're fraternal twins.

I took some photos of white bleeding hearts, which I think I like better, but they all suck since the very few white bushes are all out of reach.

I figure I haven't posted enough washed out blossom photos, so here you go. And yeah, I'm all into certain Photoshop actions right now!

Okay, more tomorrow (probably)! Thanks for looking!

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  1. Those purple (and purple and white) tulips were my favorite. The color is so rich!



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