Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Porcelain berries!

I still have trip photos to post, but I thought I'd take a tiny break for some porcelain berry photos. Mostly just because I freaking love these things!

I've been visiting the berries once or twice a week for the past month, not wanting to miss the leaves changing to yellow.

Last year I somehow missed them completely and they went from green to completely gone. I decided I would be much more attentive and I have stopped by on lunch breaks, etc. just to see the progress.

There are still some green leaves on one side, but mostly they are yellow and already drying up fast. Soon I'm sure they'll just be brown twigs lining the fence, so I didn't hold back on taking millions of photos. :)

Not that there's anything wrong with the green leaves, of course. The berries are beautiful throughout fall! But the yellow leaves really make the colors stand out.

In case you wanted some perspective. There are my fingers touching some beautiful turquoise berries.

Royal blue!

I gathered up some berries from the ground. Okay, mostly from the ground.  :] I wanted to try some pictures of them off the vine.

I stole this idea of a gradient. I saw someone on Instagram had done it and I wanted to try! The only shade that's missing is light green, since now it's too late and I couldn't find any.

I hope you're having a happy November! It has really cooled down here, and last night I had to resort to turning on my bedroom heater (usually I sleep too hotly for that). I had it set to 59 and I heard it heating away at various points in the night. It's cozy, but I hate how my electric bill goes up so much in the winter.

Have a great rest of our week!

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  1. Wow, gorgeous! Definitely worth the extra vigilance it took to get there when the leaves were yellow : ) Love that gradient too, that's really neat!



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