Sunday, March 20, 2016


This reminds you that I'm still selling necklaces. ;) Plus it's cute! Click image to visit my shop!

Happy Vernal Equinox! I think it technically turned spring at 9pm Saturday night (PST), but the calendars are all saying today, since they go by UTC. Whatever, the point is, SPRING.

Also, Palm Sunday. :) [Palm tree emoji]

Oregon is being Oregon, so it's gray and rainy outside right now. We've had a few nice days here and there, but the weather is definitely not like it was last year. Maybe the plus side will be a cooler summer with fewer bugs? So far I'm semi-coping, but I'm definitely tired of the rain since it's felt almost non-stop since early December.

But here's the fun side of rain:

Oh sure, let's post another of the ladybug. He was having a rough day, but I appreciated him letting me take pictures. Eventually I moved him to a dry area after my sister got sad that I had left him alone (initially). The same sister who freaks at the sight of most other bugs. :P

And of course the rain means we get greenery and flowers. And I like those okay. :) (This was one of our few nice days!)

The tulips are blooming!

I don't know what this is.

This squirrel was so close and not scared!!

I was surprised to see this color of what I believe was a small Japanese Magnolia tree.

 Greengate Images Keychains

Hey, one more mention of my shop, because I just have to be that way now (sorry). I'm selling keychains. You can have a pendant put on a keychain instead of made as a necklace! Clips can go on bags, if not on your keys. :)

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful Easter!

Monday, March 7, 2016


Well, I'm sorry this blog is just a place to advertise lately, but Etsy consumes! Anyway, I thought I'd just post a quick notice that I've added a bunch of new designs to my shop, and have even added a smaller size of necklace pendant that can be put on a bracelet or anklet as well! Here are a few photos, and I hope you'll check them out. These are great spring birthday or Easter gifts, and they come in a little bag that makes them ideal for gift-giving. I will also send out a note for you if you are having it shipped directly to your recipient!

Here are some wing-themed pendants that just got listed. I love butterflies and dragonflies! They have so much symbolism attached, too...flying, beauty in the details, metamorphosis, etc.

The new daintier pendant size. I love these and can't wait to take some pictures of people wearing them!

And since you made it through this ad, here are a few spring photos I've taken lately...

Happy spring!


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