Sunday, April 10, 2016


Sometimes, when I'm taking pictures, I think, "I should document all of the flowers that are blooming in the area and provide a photo list to track everything!" I have a record-keeper side of me that has lots of brilliant ideas like this. It takes about half a second to remember that there is NO way to keep up. It seems like a slow start, but after January there are just too many different flowers coming up every day. And even though I am trying to learn more names, there are millions I don't know and would have to look up.

Anyway, how is your spring going? It's okay for me. I was counting on more consistently nice weather than we've had, so it's been different than I was envisioning. Last year I had so much fun constantly going out and getting new photos before I opened my Etsy shop, and this year we've had more rain and I've gone out less.

I've also been busy with other things, like personal projects, freelancing, portraits and having friends over for game nights! (Plus, you know, my full-time job.) I have felt very busy lately, especially since I tend to need plenty of down time. I have been a little stressed about it, but things seem to be tapering a little now.

There are too many pictures I could post, but I have been at this computer long enough. I'll just post a few and you can watch  my Instagram for more. :)

Also, I'm doing a little promo tomorrow for my Etsy shop's first birthday! Click the graphic to get to my store and check it out. Thanks!


  1. Think I saw most of these on IG but always happy to take another look! That second pic is sooooooooo gorgeous!

    1. Thank you! A few are different or at least different of the same subjects. :D



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