Graphic Redesign: Explanation and Disclaimers

I thought I should say a few things in relation to my graphic design posts, and I might as well just say them once and link you here from now on.

  • I've been doing graphic design professionally since about 1999, but I certainly know there are many better designers out there. I don't claim to know best, I just want to share a few tips. Take them or leave them.
  • For the most part, these posts and my advice are aimed at beginners and non-designers who enjoy trying their hand at graphic design here and there. I enjoy helping people build foundational skills.
  • Original pieces I use for "Befores" in my posts were given to me with permission to post and redesign. If you have something you'd like featured in my blog, please send it over! ([email removed--please comment]) I can't promise anything, but I'd love submissions to consider.
  • For these redesign posts, I intend to keep things somewhat simple (at least at first) so that most of the changes are ones that could be applied even if you have limited software. I also limit how many things I change so that I have fewer explanations to give (so I don't overwhelm or bore you), and so you can clearly see the difference it makes.
  • There are many good ways to design something. Some of my choices aren't based on any rules, they are just preference and what I came up with in a short time-frame.
  • Sometimes I'm wrong about my choices and advice. Maybe I'm overly practical and not creative enough. Maybe I'm overly concerned with appearances and not being practical. That's just the way it goes! That's design, and pretty much everything else in life. I strive for balance, but I don't always strike one.
  • Always feel free to ask me why I did something if I don't explain it in the post. I'm happy to elaborate.
  • I may add or subtract info from this post. I may even take it down if I decide the design makeovers aren't useful!

Thanks for reading! :)


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